Picking apart the hype of new and classic video games.

Weekend Warriors of Worcester, Mass.

I recently stumbled across this lengthy, but overall accurate “state of gaming culture” address on Bob Chipman’s Game Overthinker blog, in which Chipman calls out online game platforms like Xbox Live for making multiplayer games an anonymous affair in which racism, homophobia and every other social unpleasantly are increasingly hard to avoid. Skip to the 14 minute mark if you want to jump to the relevant segment.

This diatribe, though obscenity-laced and just a little melodramatic, stuck with me.

I thought back to my days of playing paintball and how rarely we had to deal with crotch-grabbing prepubescents since the activity depended on interacting with other people in a somewhat productive way (well, besides all the shooting at one another.)

With that in mind, I decided to visit Citadel Airsoft in Worcester, Mass. and shoot a quick video as a way to learn a little bit more about airsoft, the type of people who come out on the weekends to get pelted by small plastic b.b.’s and how the actually being in the same room as the people you play a game with seems to really foster a sense of decency you rarely find through an ethernet cable.


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