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PAX East: Twitter Coverage and Retrospective

I spent most of yesterday checking out PAX East here in Boston, Twittering all the way.

You can check out my 140-character musings on my Twitter account, I should have some pictures of the event online in the coming days and I’ll follow up on a few leads I stumbled over throughout the course of the week.

As it stands, I was pretty impressed with what I saw yesterday. Despite it being the third and final day of PAX East, the place was packed with eager gamers, media and some very exciting new info on upcoming games. Below are a few of my first impressions:

-I finally spent some hands-on time with Epic’s Gears of War 3 multiplayer. I expected a few graphical glitches and slow-downs given they have a while until the official release, but the basic mechanics behind the game still feel a little too floaty. The larger team sizes and new respawn modes mean you spend less time watching your teammates get cut down, but combat still seems to favor bumrushing over any actual tactics

I was also pretty impressed with the indie game presence on the show floor, it seems like many small companies are banking on XBLA and PSN to dodge disc-printing costs and make an end run on a lot of the industry’s biggest players.

Of these, Primal Revenge seems like a cult-classic in the making. Where else can humans and dinosaurs replace cat and mouse for online deathmatches? The game seems to borrow heavily from the original Alien Vs. Predator multiplayer (an extremely good thing if you ask any old school PC gamer.)

I was surprised to see that the Playstation Move was largely a no-show at PAX. Despite being integrated into some recent high-profile releases like Killzone 3, the half-Wii, half-Kinect gizmo was nowhere to be seen. Instead, Kinect proved the most popular non-controller format for tech demos and seemed to be holding up well to the varying degrees of physical coordination amongst show goers.

Expect more pictures and predictions in the coming days.


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