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Montecristo Mexican Grill

Ah, the burrito. A stalwart companion through good times and bad, a mobile meal that can take the place of two or three entrees depending on how much your budget has shrunk your stomach. But with so many franchises throughout the city, finding the best burrito is no small task.

Located at the foot of Mission Hill, Montecristo Mexican Grill offers the low to no-income student set a solid, no-frills alternative to the heavy-handed offerings of Qdoba and the jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none Boloco menu.

At $6.50, a Montecristo burrito offers fresh guacamole (the owner refuses to charge $2 for avocados), crema (not sour cream), a touch of hot sauce and a choice of chicken or steak (both boasting strong grilled flavors,) slow-roasted and very flavorful pork or a large serving of greasy chorizo in a package just slightly smaller than the portion you can expect at Qdoba.

The overall effect is a lighter, cheaper burrito than most chains that pleasantly wards off starvation. Combine that with a Mexican Coca-Cola or Jarritos ($1.75) and you have a fast meal that can get you through the day or line your stomach before your next house party.

For diners looking for something more substantial, Montecristo offers an excellent enchilada plate ($8) that boasts the same quality as the burrito, but adds another half a pound of organic matter into the mix. Topped with some of the Tapotia hot sauce found at every table and mixed into a homogenous slurry, this burrito alternative make for a very filling meal.

For a quick snack, ala carte eaters can try empanadas ($.99), crispy fried pastries filled with meat and beans, tamales ($2) served in an authentic corn husk wrapper or single-filling tacos ($2) that help show off the quality of the meats (and sell for half price every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.)

The restaurant is geared towards take-out, but there is plenty of space available to dine in and catch a soccer game, professional wrestling or a Spanish soap opera. Burritos are quickly made to order, but expect to hang around for a few minutes while the kitchen handles more complicated dishes.

Overall there’s little to detract from the Montecristo experience: it’s clean the counter staff is fast and generous with the portions. Most customers will be content to grab a burrito and run, the menu also offers a few pricier Salvadorian items for more adventurous diners.

Location: 748 Huntington Ave Boston, MA

Hours: 9am-12am

Phone: 617.232.2228

Website: montecristomexicangrill.com

Credit cards accepted, wheelchair access, scenic view of Bringham Circle


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